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WATO EX-65 | EX-65 Pro

Intuitive | Effortless | Precise

The WATO EX-65 blends performance and simplicity to meet the challenges of your complex world. The intuitive touchscreen interface eliminates time normally spent manipulating settings so your attention is focused on patient care. With advanced ventilation modes, integrated gas analysis, benchmark ergonomic design and interface, you will be impressed with all that the WATO EX-65 can do.

Key Features

  • Volume Control Ventilation (VCV)

  • Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV) with volume guarantee

  • Pressure Support Ventilation (PS)

  • Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation in

  • volume and pressure modes (SIMV-VC and SIMV-PC)

  • Optional integrated gas analysis provides dual agent

  • auto identification, age-related MAC values and capnography

  • Automatic compliance compensation and fresh gas compensation maintain accurate tidal volumes

  • Warmed Breathing System (35º C) virtually eliminates internal condensation

  • 12.1” (WATO EX65) or 15” (WATO EX65Pro) colour touchscreen user interface

  • Auxiliary Oxygen/Air flow meters deliver blended gas, reducing combustible O2 concentration

  • Economical single container absorber reduces compressible dead space volume and accepts non-proprietary prepackaged and loose fill absorbent

  • LED lighting with adjustable brightness control

  • 1 hour battery backup expandable to 2 hours



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Wato 65 Brochure


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Wato 65 Specifications

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Wato 65 Pro Specifications

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