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The Vocera Platform

Communicate and Collaborate in Real Time – Directly, Intuitively, and Effectively

Gain real-time situational awareness of patient and care team. Help reduce interruption fatigue. Scale from a single department to an entire integrated delivery network.

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Vocera's Capabilties


Clinical Communication Software

Enables voice calling to internal and external devices and HIPAA-complaint secure texting inside and outside the hospital.


System Integration and Interoperability

Allow data to be collated simultaneously from multiple sources, providing care teams with situational awareness.


Alarm Management System

Help reduce interruption fatigue with a unified, event-driven alarm management solution.


Care Experience Software

Deliver an exceptional patient experience and foster trusted relationships across the care continuum.


Customer Success Services

Realize the full value of your investment in Vocera technology by receiving expert clinical and IT support.

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Customer Smartphones and Wearable Badges

Whether your hospital supports BYOD, a shared device model, or a mix of both, we have device options.

The Vocera B3000N Badge


  • ​​​​1” OLED display screen with call button

  • Dimensions: 98mm x 36mm x 20mm

  • 60g, comfortable to wear

  • 3 hours active battery life, 30 hours standby

  • Panic function integrated into call button

  • Place and receive voice calls

  • Receive secure messages with a 256-character limit

  • Search for users and groups by voice comman

The Vocera Smart Badge

  • 2.4” touchscreen with haptic touch call button

  • Dimensions: 100mm x 52mm x 17mm

  • 89g, comfortable to wear

  • Search user and group directories by screen and view presence/availability

  • 4 hours active battery life, 40 hours standby

  • Dedicated one-touch panic button

  • Place and receive voice calls

  • Send and receive secure messages with no character limit



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B3000N Badge Brochure

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Smart Badge Brochure

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