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BeneVision N1

Key Features

  •         Palm size 150x102x81cm and Ultralight weight of 950g

  • Fully integrated sidestream CO2 module (optional)

  • 5.5” High definition screen

  • Wide view allowing clear viewing from any angle

  • Gesture control touchscreen

  • Auto brightness

  • 8-hour battery life

  • Cross infection control

  • IP44 dust/waterproof resistance and a 1.2m drop endurance

  • Familiar intuitive interface across BeneVision family

  • Up to 5 waveforms displayed

  • More than 10 critical parameters can be monitored

  • Extensive data storage and reliable offline upload

  • Serves as multi-parameter module for BeneView & BeneVision Patient Monitors

  • Flexible transport docking solution for air and ground transport

  • Connect to 19″ touchscreen display to create expanded bedside monitor

  • Multiple mounting solutions

  • Wired and wireless communications to Central Stations

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